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The METI Global Internship Program by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Government of Japan 1) Background Trends toward globalization of world economy have dramatically affected the Japanese industries, especially those infrastructure related enterprises and SMEs. In such circumstances, demands for acquisition and development of human resources who can actively perform their leadership and managerial capabilities in the global markets are rapidly increasing. Japanese young people., however, in general are said to be domestic - oriented and reluctant to challenge in overseas, thus it is urgently required to strengthen their abilities and skills as II global human resources" in order to achieve the said goals. This program will provide those young Japanese business people and university students with the actual working experience in developing countries and eventually it is expected to lead them to be able to play active roles in the global business scene. 2) Overview In the program, HIDA and JETRO will dispatch young Japanese business people and university students to the developing countries (mainly Asian countries) as the METI interns (hereafter referred as the intern(s) and provide them with working experience in the real operational sites at the private companies, governmental organizations or industrial associations. Approximately 100 companies I organizations are anticipated to participate in this program as hosting companies I organizations and will receive 50 to 100 interns in total. The term of the internship will be from 3 to 6 months between September 2014 and February 2015. This internship program also includes pre-departure domestic training courses and workshop for achievement presentation after returning to Japan. 3) Purpose and goals In order to develop global human resources that can handle the increasingly rapid globalization of the economy, this program will dispatch young adults and students to governments, government related organizations, and private companies in developing countries to provide them with an opportunity to acquire independence and a proactive attitude, the ability to understand other cultures, and communication skills, and to develop personal networks through the internships. Thus the goal is to raise young Japanese personnel who can serve as a bridge for strengthening economic cooperation and business development between Japan and the host country.

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