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Name: Invitation_for_Technical_paper_and_other_articles_on_Special_topic_relating_to_the_Industry/Service_sector_with_Japanese_Practice_for_Publication_in_BAAS_WAVE_(Issue-43).
Title: BAAS WAVE(Issue-43)

Dear Member,


We are pleased to inform you that BAAS is going to publish BAAS WAVE (Issue-43) by the end of July, 2017. The Publications and Membership Sub-committee has already started to work on this. As you know that as a matter of policy, we publish industry related technical paper in the BAAS WAVE to reflect/ expose the objective of BAAS to promote the exchange of technological, management and scientific knowledge in the public and private sectors.


You are aware that many BAAS members have been practicing the experience of their Overseas Training in Management of AOTS /HIDA, Japan. So, we feel that the outcome should be exposed for the benefit of other BAAS members by implementing those practices in their respective organizations / institutions.


In view of the above, we invite you to come forward to write your experience of training in AOTS/ HIDA Japan, as technical paper and submit the same within by the 3rd of July, 2017 at the latest to BAAS office (soft copy) for consideration of the Editorial Board for publication in BAAS WAVE (Issue-43).


We will remain obliged to have your positive response on the same.


Thanks and regards


Syed Alimuzzaman

Chairman, Publications and Membership Sub-committee, BAAS

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